M63EXD - How AT&T Developed an Innovative, User-Centric Learning Platform

Mon, May 22 | 4:30 PM - 5:30 PM | B408

AT&T's rich learning culture, promoted through AT&T University, encourages and supports peer-to-peer and traditional learning experiences. The AT&T University team has developed AT&T's new Personal Learning Experience (PLE) platform, which amalgamates its entire learning, development, and talent ecosystem into one central platform to drive innovation and skill acquisition across the global organization. This unified platform enables workforce planning, talent management, and learning strategies to seamlessly align and transform together. In collaboration with business and technology partners, AT&T's PLE provides traditional, informal, and social learning events within its instructional and development ecosystem. The meaningful results derived from these initiatives are improving the business's bottom line. In this session, you will garner elements to consider when developing a user-centric learning platform, how learning technologies can be leveraged to meet the continuous needs of the business, and how AT&T created an agile, social, and scalable learning environment.

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Koehler, Robert

Koehler, Robert

Lead Consultant HR Technology at AT&T University


Role: Speaker