M32EXD - It’s time to rethink the LMS

Mon, May 22 | 3:00 PM - 4:00 PM | B315

Do you like your LMS? If you're like a majority of L&D teams, you probably don't. Why has the LMS fallen so out of favor with the people who use it as their go-to technology on the job? Some platforms haven't kept up with the pace of technology, while others are burdensome and make L&D's job more difficult. Ultimately, the biggest problem is the experience. The LMS is a manifestation of an antiquated notion that learning happens at a specific place and time. Workplace learning doesn't look like school, but the LMS is still based on an academic model. This gap is what ultimately brings the value of the learning management system into question and creates frustration for L&D and the employees we support. It's time for L&D to break up with the LMS. In this session, we'll show you how companies like Toys "R" Us, Southeastern Grocers, and Kaplan have changed their relationship status with the LMS to provide improved learning experiences for their employees. We'll walk through the process for determining the value of your current LMS within the context of a modern learning ecosystem. You'll see how alternative learning technology can enable continuous learning and provide clear value to your employees and stakeholders. You'll walk away with a better understanding of your learning technology options and (hopefully) less reliant on the traditional LMS.

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Dillon, JD

Dillon, JD

Principal Learning Strategist


Role: Speaker