M319 - Engaging Multigenerational Learners Through a Blended Learning Approach

Mon, May 22 | 4:30 PM - 5:30 PM | B203

The makeup of today's sales organization can span up to four generations. Engaging learners, in particular sales professionals, across this spectrum requires a blended training approach and new thinking about the content we develop and the modalities we use to deliver it. In this session, the speaker will discuss how the latest research on Millennial learners, the neuroscience of selling, and digital delivery is driving the development of the next generation of sales training products. Whether your team is full of Millennials or spans many generations, this session will walk you through best practices and strategies to engage your learners in a way that will help drive more revenue for your organization.

Application on the Job:
Apply different technologies into a sales training program to keep learners engaged before, during, and and after the classroom.
Discover which types of blended approaches work for different generations in your workforce.

Type: New ATD Speaker

Tracks: Industry Topic - Sales Talent Development , Sales Enablement

Learning Approaches: Core Topic

Target Audiences: Designer, Director/Manager

Session Services: Recorded


Tine, Chris

Tine, Chris

Chief Product Officer


Role: Speaker