M210 - Transform Your Future: Building Tactical and Strategic Business Bridges

Mon, May 22 | 3:00 PM - 4:00 PM | B302/B303

Technology tools are invaluable to training professionals, but they do not replace the power of relationships and human interaction. Unless you find ways to connect with the business or clients you serve and show the value that you personally add, you can be replaced by apps and avatars. Attend this session to explore ways to solidify your relationships and increase the influence of training in your organization. Using the New World Kirkpatrick Model as a guide, the speaker will identify four metaphorical bridges that you can cross to increase your level of influence and value to the business you serve. He will share personal stories and accounts of training professionals around the world who have successfully built and crossed bridges, and solidified their positions as strategic business partners.

Application on the Job:
Discuss the need for learning and development to focus on increasing on-the-job performance and organizational results.
Initiate more meaningful conversations with business partners about how to leverage training to maximize on-the-job application and subsequent business results.
Identify ways to move professionally toward a more strategic role in your organization or with your clients.

Type: Education Session

Tracks: Learning Measurement & Analytics

Learning Approaches: Core Topic

Topics: Creating behavior change metrics/profiles, Determining the impact of learning on the business

Target Audiences: External Consultant, Internal Practitioner

Session Services: ATD Store Companion Book, Recorded


Kirkpatrick, James

Kirkpatrick, James

Senior Consultant

Kirkpatrick Partners

Role: Speaker

Burke, Kimberly

Burke, Kimberly

L&D Specialist

Veterans Administration Acquisition Academy

Role: Speaker