M118 - XAPI: Getting Internal Buy-in From Your Stakeholders

Mon, May 22 | 1:00 PM - 2:15 PM | B407

You are excited about xAPI. You know the analytics it gives you could change everything about the way you design and deliver learning. You believe in social learning and want to harness its power using xAPI. But, your management isn't sold. They ask "Why do we need xAPI when we've already got SCORM"? The IT department doesn't want to support something new. Even your co-workers are skeptical about the changes required to use xAPI. Your journey to xAPI has hit a roadblock. You need to sell xAPI internally to your stakeholders. In this session we will discuss the obstacles you face and give you key points to convey to the C-suite, managers, the IT department, students, your co-workers in learning and development, and even your vendors. We'll also give you options for creating a low-cost pilot project to demonstrate the benefits of xAPI.

Application on the Job:
Discover key selling points to convince the C-suite to support an xAPI implementation.
Learn how to convince vendors and partners to use xAPI, not just "any API."
Find out how to collaborate with internal IT departments to smooth the way for an xAPI implementation.
Discover how to work with business sponsors to communicate the benefits of an environment that's more data-rich than previously possible with SCORM.

Type: Education Session

Tracks: Learning Technologies

Learning Approaches: Innovation/Trend

Topics: LMS/Platforms

Target Audiences: Designer, Director/Manager

Session Services: ATD Store Companion Book, Recorded


Torrance, Megan

Torrance, Megan



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Werkenthin, Art


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